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Sleep Moon Xpress -A Free Advanced Remote Control for your Computer

Sleep Moon Xpress is a next-generation automation utility that takes computer automation to the highest level. Sleep Moon Xpress is simple to use, and comes packed with options and features such as Alarms, Automatic Shutdown, Remote Executions, Download & Upload Speed Detection etc.

You can use it to perform very simple to much more complex operations. This software product uses the latest BlueActiv Technology, which is an advanced piece of software technology allowing you to remotely control your computer using any Bluetooth or Infrared enabled device.

For example, suppose you have a Bluetooth enabled phone with an integrated camera and a Bluetooth dongle installed on your computer. You can take a picture with your mobile phone and rename it to "restart." Send it to your computer via Bluetooth. As soon as it is received, Sleep Moon Xpress will automatically restart your computer. This will also work with several other commands.

Sleep Moon Xpress can also work using several other advanced methods such as WTP Mobile Technology which allows you to trigger off any predefined command by simply typing the Host Computer's IP Address in any Internet browser. You can also shut down your computer with a clap, with the help of the Sound Sensitive Consoles mechanism built into Sleep Moon Xpress!



Featured Benefits
- Remotly Control Your Computer
Remotely control your computer from any location and perform various commands such as shutdown, executions and alarms.
- Bluetooth Technology
Uses advanced technologies such as BlueActiv and WTP Mobile Technology to allow remote controlling from anywhere.
- Works On All Phones
Compatible with all Bluetooth or Infrared enabled mobile phones equipped with a built-in camera. (Not Required)
- Sound Sensitive Trigger
Built-in Sound Sensitive Console system allows you to trigger commands such as rebooting with just a clap of your hands!
- Completely Free To Use
Completely free to use. Free from any spyware or adware. Comes with all features enabled. No hidden costs.

For more details and download link go to the official website.