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SkyDrive has been renamed as OneDrive

Microsoft renames SkyDrive to OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft have officially made an announcement about the name change at the OneDrive blog. They have even mentioned why the name change has happened.


The Redmond based company ran into trademark issues with a UK broadcasting  company BSkyB, who own the Sky group of entertainment channels. Sky filed for a copyright infringement at a UK court, and Microsoft was ordered to change the name. They had also paid an undisclosed amount to Sky as part of the settlement.


Microsoft have uploaded a 56 second video onto YouTube showcasing the features of OneDrive.



OneDrive will store all your photos, videos and documents, and will be capable of syncing it seamlessly across all devices a user has. In other words, One place for all your cloud storage needs, hence the name OneDrive.


The SkyDrive service will continue to work for current users, as the rollout for OneDrive begins and will be made available to all users.


You can visit the official website of OneDrive to know more about it and sign up for notification when OneDrive goes live.

via OneDrive Blog and Computer Weekly.