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Shazam track recognition app for Windows 8

Shazam is most popular track recognition app available for mobile platforms for free. Now Shazam developers released their app for windows 8 as tablet devices supports windows 8 OS. It offers more feature than the other app versions for mobile platform. You can get more information about the track like lyrics, watch related videos on YouTube, buy track and more.


There is no change in how you used Shazam before,Just open the app and play the track that to be recognized by Shazam. Click/touch the Shazam button on the left while the track is being played and it’ll show the details about the track for you.


* Simple UI , Easy to use and Quick recognition of tracks that is playing.

* You can watch all related videos of the track that is playing on YouTube.

* You can get lyrics of the track that you just recognized using Shazam.

* Works in snap view, so that you can browse or use another application along with Shazam.

* You can share recognized tag on Facebook, Twitter and more.

* Allow you to buy the track directly from the app.

* You can read album reviews and artists biographies using Biography & Discography buttons.

* Shows songs recommendation based on the searched songs.






Even though Shazam is available for Android and iOS , Shazam for Windows 8 offers more features than other platforms. With out any doubt i would like to say that Shazam is must have app for your windows 8 device.


You can Download Shazam for windows 8 from Windows Store.