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Send your Face to Space

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Similar to the Send your name to Mars (It is still active up to 2011 you can enter) and old Send your name to Moon now you can send you Face to Space. Nasa is giving an opertunity to send your picture and details to Space. You can choose Any ywo of the following missions to send the Face to the Space

1. STS-133 Mission Information

2. STS-134 Mission Information

You need to be 13 or higher to participate. If you don't have any photo to send, still you can send your name by leaving the image selection field.

1. To participate to to the Face in Space here

2. Click on Participate

3.  Select "I agree to and accept the Terms of Use and do hereby certify that I am 13 years of age or older"

4. Enter the details and select the photo

5. Click Submit

6. Wait to load the image and crop/rotate the image if needed

7. Click Done


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