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How to send pictures as email attachment directly from windows explorer

This may be simple but, I just found this tip today only.

You can send one or more images as email attachments directly from the Windows Explorer with out any third party applications. It also have an option to resize the images too.

Here is How to

1. Open the folder where the images resides.

2. Choose the images you want to sent (You can choose multiple images using Ctrl, or Shift)

3. Right click

3. Choose Send to => Mail recipient

4. A window will come up with two options . Using that you can decide whether you want to send the images as is or to be reduced size

5. It is having another options to choose the images size, you can see this by clicking “Show more options” link

6. Click OK

7. Your email client will open with a compose window and the selected images attached.

You can send other kind of files also like this