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Secure Network Lines For Entrepreneurs


Choosing a secure network line for a new business can be confusing for an entrepreneur. The terminology is not always clear and technologies like a digital subscriber line (DSL) can sometimes be used to generically refer to any Internet connection. Individuals who will be relying on the security and reliability of a network line for a business will need to carefully choose the type of service that provides the right level of access for the right price.

DSL is the first secure network choice for many new entrepreneurs. It is a proven technology that is widely available and that has many different options that can be catered to any business need. DSL is delivered directly to a computer or router through standard phone lines that could be traditional copper or fiber optic. The signal is reliable and can be scaled upwards so that a small server or several dozen employees can use the line without noticing any latency.

Configurable firewalls, security protocols and router settings can all create a safe DSL connection that is easy to use. Services like MegaPath DSL can even offer hosted services that remove the need for micromanagement of data and network software. Entrepreneurs who are wondering what is ADSL only need to know the term is used interchangeably with DSL. ADSL simply specifies that an asynchronous signal is present so data can be sent as well as received. Almost all DSL services actually provide ADSL.

Many entrepreneurs choose to work with a virtual private network (VPN) across public Internet lines and through public access points. VPN software turns any access point into a secure Internet channel that can be used to transmit sensitive data to and from any other location. This can increase safety when using e-commerce gateways, merchant services or when communicating proprietary information to clients. The software is different from other security setups because the data being sent is encrypted before it is ever pushed out onto the network so man-in-the-middle attacks are difficult or impossible. A VPN also hides the actual information packet inside of a generic packet that reveals no details about the data that is being transmitted.

Entrepreneurs who are operating an online business or who are going to be running servers that are available to the general public will usually needs the power and security of a direct digital T1 or T3 line. This is a network line that is designed to carry massive amounts of data to and from a server or router. T1 lines are actually connected to the massive Internet backbones that service entire areas of the country. This gives them unparalleled speed both to and from the Internet. Another advantage is that a T1 line can be segmented so that voice and data communications can be carried on the same line if needed.

It can be easy to over-estimate the bandwidth needs of a new business. Entrepreneurs will need to calculate the incoming and outgoing volumes of traffic to ensure that the network line is not overburdened or mostly unused. The main danger that comes from using a T1 line where DSL would be appropriate is that the cost of the line can quickly cut into profits that are being needlessly spent on excessive amounts of unneeded bandwidth.