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Samsung to showcase a small number of the Galaxy S8 ahead of April launch

Samsung will reportedly showcase a small number of its upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, a couple of months ahead of its launch, according to a South Korean news agency.

Samsung galaxy s7 Edge Black Pearl

(Samsung Galaxy S7)

This is what its anonymous source had to say:

“There is a possibility of the S8 phones being showcased a month or two ahead of the actual release date”.

The reasoning behind this move, is reportedly a high shipment goal for the Samsung Galaxy S8, which will reportedly be higher than that of the S7's 48 million. Another of the news agencies’ source said, that the move is part of Samsung's ambitious goal, after the Note 7 fiasco. The company is likely targeting a higher profit, by selling more number of Galaxy S8 units, to make up for the losses caysed by the disastrous Note model.

The report also mentions that the producion of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be delayed, to meet the mid-April launch of the phone. Some of Samsung's secondary part suppliers will only start supplying components in April, while its primary facilities and suppliers will beging supplying the parts in February, and March. This is also one of the reasons for the delayed launch, i.e, to ensure that there are more units of the S8 available.

via: The Investor