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New Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked images show off the back panels of the Grey and Black variants

Yesterday, we reported that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will come in three colours: Black Sky, Orchid Grey and Arctic Silver, and a set of press renders from evleaks, regarding the same. Today, the leaker, has posted a new set of images which show off the back panels of the Orchid Grey and Black Sky variants.
.Samsung Galaxy S8 Orchid Grey Black Sky

The fingerprint sensor, which is on the left side of the camera (when you hold the device), does look odd, in terms of design and placement. Speaking of which, this is the first Samsung phone to house the fingerprint sensor on the back panel, and the first phone from the company without a physical home button. The back panel’s curved design can be seen, in the glossy edges.

The leaked images don’t seem to be part of an press render, as we can see the jagged lines on the top and bottom of the devices, on either side of the picture. The outline of the front panel of the Black Sky variant (the front panel’s left edge) has been cropped a bit, so a part of the buttons are missing. This seems like a hastily done cropping, to combine a set of press renders, which we think could probably be from presentation slides of the Galaxy S8.

Oddly, the Arctic Silver variant was not present in the render. We are unsure why, but it maybe because of regional exclusivity. It's still too early to speculate, even though we are just 1 week away from the device's launch. But we already have an idea about the device’s pricing, in what is considered the most leaked device ever.

via: evleaks