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Samsung to disable network connectivity in Note 7 devices in New Zealand, to make users return the device

The Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 will forever be remembered, as a disatrous flagship. After numerous incidents where the device caught fire or exploded, Samsung was forced to issue a global recall  of the phones twice, after which the issues continued even on replacement devices.


This forced the South Korean electronics giant to permanently discontinue the Note 7 last month.

But the problem is, not everyone has returned the Note 7 despite the danger the device poses, even after Samsung's repeated requests asking customers to take the device back to the store. Samsung even went as far as capping the Note 7's battery at 60% charge, with a compulsory update  which was released last week.

So, Samsung New Zealand, is taking an extra effort to make users return the Note 7. To do this, Samsung will be disabling mobile network connectivity completely, thus making the device literally unable to make calls, use data or send SMS messages. So if your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has no network, here is how to fix it: return it to Samsung in exchange for a new Galaxy S7 edge, or a Galaxy S7, or a refund.

The company says it will contact customers twice between November 4th - 18th, to assist them with returning the device.

If you have a Samsung Note 7 with the model number starting from SM-N930m please do take it to the place where you bought it from or contact Samsung.

For more details, refer to the official website.