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SPUD - 24 inch foldable portable display

SPUD - 24 inch foldable portable display

SPUD (Spontaneous Pop-up display) is a 24 inch portable display which can be connected to your devices.  The device is using a high quality small projector and a screen attached to it which can be folded. You can use it with your small screen devices like Android phones etc. and also for presentations. It will “pop-up” like a ruggedized umbrella and the cover over the arms blocks out ambient light and helps to maximize brightness and contrast. 

The following image will show how you can fold the display and can take it where ever you go.

foldable display


The SPUD will have one HDMI port, One USB port to connect your devices.

The collapsed size of SPUD : 5.64 inches width, 2.17 inched height and 7.52 inches of length

The weight of the device is less than 1 killo Gram.

HDMI support – Connect SPUD to any HDMI supported devices like Chromecast, Amazon TV, etc.

With the help of wireless adapters you can go wireless too

1280x720 Screen resolution

4 hours of battery life at highest brightness and 10 hours of battery backup if the brightness is the lowest.

120Hz of refresh rate.

Built in Sterio speakers.

The developers of the device claims that the a screen used in this device is really high quality which will reduce the wrinkles.

The device is published on the Kickstarter for the crowd funding. If you are going to back the product you can get this device for a price of $349 (super early bird offer). Kickstarter link