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Rocket League and Tom Clancy's The Division are free to play this weekend, and are on sale for 30% and 50% off

This is a great weekend for PC gamers, as two popular games are going temporarily free to play. The first is Rocket League, the crazy car football (or car soccer) game, which is renowned for its massive fan base.

Rocket League free to play weekend

Though Rocket League is by all means intended to be a co-op and online multiplayer game, there is a proper single player campaign available. The tutorial is fun, and you can practice all the neat tricks you want to do.

Please be advised that Rocket League is best played with a controller. It tired it with my Logitech F310 and it works just fine. whether you will like a supersonic acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Car football game is up to you to decide. And you have 2 days to play all modes in the game for free.

Rocket League is on sale for Rs. 395  (£10.49/ €13.99/ $13.99) on Steam  which is 30% off the regular price. You can get the 4-pack for Rs, 825, or the Game of the Year Edition for Rs. 699 (also 30% off each). The game''s many DLCs are also on sale for 30% off.

The Division free to play weekend

The other temporary free to play game, is Tom Clancy’s The Division, and is generally regarded as a decent game, with the focus being on co-op multiplayer. The single player campaign is good, and so is the survival DLC, If you like third person cover-based shooters, you may like it,

Tom Clancy’s The Division is on sale for Rs. 739  (£19.99/ €24.99/ $24.99 ) on Steam  which is 50% off the regular price. The Gold Edition is Rs. 1,249 which is 50% off, as are the Season Pass and all the DLCs.

Both discounts end on May 8th at 10am