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Revo Uninstaller Pro V3

Every day we install software for testing and uninstall it but question is that all files are removed from system which had install by that previous software?

The answer is NO. But, we have the solution, Revo Uninstaller.

Revo Uninstaller is one of the best tool to uninstall any software.

You can use Revo Uninstaller to install any software with a safe way to remove log software, when you will uninstall it will delete software with its log files.


Sometimes, when we try to uninstall a software and it has been removed but after reboot it may appear in the bottom right side of the task bar, and I use hunter mode for this.
It is my favorite feature, because I just have to drag that and drop that icon which I saw, and it will remove it completely from your system and keep it clean from broken files.


Revo Uninstaller can uninstall software using 3 methods Safe, Moderate and advanced, the deferent between is deep scanning to complete uninstall and remove leftover file from system,
safe mode scan and create backup and start process when it failed to complete then moderate and advanced option for it. By default it starts using Moderate.

NOTE: Don’t worry about any damage your other programs, Revo Uninstaller take backup of the registry files so you can restore it anytime.

Custom Uninstall:

Use this command carefully, because it will show you the trace path, and if you don’t know which is a system file or program file, don’t proceed, else you could lose some important registry files.

There are many other good features like “Unrecoverable Delete” which is great for Privacy. If you want to sell your computer, then I will recommend that you use it rather than the default format option.
The only problem is that it some time to delete, but this is not a simple delete command, because it overwrites the deleted data, to make sure that nobody can recover the files from the HDD


There is you can find some good tool for your work these make my work easy. We already familiar with these tools like windows tool, junk cleaner and others.


Autorun Manager feature stop programs to start automatically at windows startup time which reduce your windows boot time and start your system fast.

Browser cleaner this option clean your all browser history, cookies, temp internet files which store in your browser.

Microsoft Office Cleaner: If you don’t like to see your recently open files in MS office then this tool is for you, it remove all your recently open file and docs and path of opened file recently .

The evidence cleaner is just like unrecoverable delete, before using make you really want to delete your work which you don’t want show these to any other once it done you won’t recover it.

The Backup Manger I think you remember revo take backup of reg files before proceed to uninstall those backup store here in backup manager, You’re able recover, delete and custom recover and etc.


Easy to use.
Onetime payment not annually.
Some Other Great tools.
Registry Backup and Restore.
Command Line support.
Transfer license 1-2 another machine you just have to shoot an email to support.
Lifetime license to all upcoming 3.x.x.x

It takes bit more time in advance and moderate uninstall.

Summary: Revo Uninstaller is one of best applications for all users, from beginner to Advanced.
It is very helpful, especially when some software irritates you with a complicated process when you try to uninstall it. Unrecoverable delete, Junk file cleaner, etc are great utilities.

This is a very useful tool for IT users, who have to frequently install and uninstall many software without leaving any log files.