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Reliance Jio had RCS enabled in its Jio4GVoice app long before Google Messenger did

Earlier today, we reported that Google Messenger 2.0, has enabled RCS enhanced messaging for some carriers in the US. A brief search shows that the feature has been available in India, in another app, Jio4GVoice.

Reliance Jio RCS

The app which debuted as JioJoin, has had this feature for a long time. You may have noticed that the app is capable of making calls, sending SMS and IMs from the same UI, and that you can switch between the sms/chat modes from the menu. Guess what? This is all done using RCS right from the day Jio’s network debuted. RCS is the very core using which Jio works. Recently Reliance updated the apps Play Store listing, to officially declare this.

The app’s description now reads Jio4GVoice brings HD Voice, Video, Richcall & RCS to any phone. It goes on to explain that Jio4GVoice also marks the entry of Rich Communication Services (RCS) in India. So RCS is technically not just a replacement for iMessage as some believe, but even better.

The only problem is that Reliance Jio’s RCS does not work with any other SMS app, including Google Messenger 2.0. Since the Nexus 6 which I use it on doesn’t support VoLTE, I use the app for sending SMS to a few people, and never used it as an IM. I’m sure that many of you use Jio similarly, for its data network and calls, not for SMS. The same applied to a VoLTE enabled Zenfone 3 as well.

We conducted a small test for this:

1. Sent an sms when data and wifi were off. It failed

2. Sent an sms when data is off and wifi is on. It failed

3. Sent an sms when data and wifi are on. It failed

4. Sent an sms when data is on and wifi is off. It worked.

This is proof that Jio does have RCS (sends sms over data), but it is unable to send RCS messages over Wi-Fi yet. Hopefully that will change soon.

But it is good to know we had RCS in India, for a long time before it’s debut in the U.S.