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Recover Deleted Files from External or Internal Hard Drive with Disk Drill

Recover Deleted Files using Disk Drill

What you can do to avoid accidental data loss? you can either have a proper backup system or you will need a  hard drive recovery software to get your data back. Disk Drill is a software which can help you to recover files.

What are the situations you need to recover files ?

You deleted something accidently (Shift+Delete), or removed something from recycle bin which you need now

Formatted partition or hard drive

Files deleted because of virus (Anti-virus may delete files which are affected by Viruses)

The deleted files on the Windows does not get removed from the hard disc, it just remove the entry from the index table, that is why you will be able to  recover deleted files on Windows.

Disk Drill installation is straight forward, the download size is nearly 16MB. While installing a recovery software do not do it on the same partition from which you want to recover files and also less the write operations to the hard drive the higher will be the possibility to recover the data..

On the home page it will show both internal and external hard discs, you can choose your partition  and also the recovery options from the dropdown right to it.

Home page

Disk drill homepage

recovery options

recovery options

While scanning the recovered files will be categories according to type and then by extension for easy identification.


recovery result

recovered files

recovered video files

You can use the preview button to view the files and make sure it is the file which you need to recover.

scab result-preview

Select the files you need to recover and click recover button.

If the normal scan could not find the file you wanted to recover, choose the deep scan from the menu,  which will scan the hard disk byte by byte. remember this will take longer time than the normal scan.

This software also have an option to take a backup disk image of the drive you wanted to, and also you can protect your drive for future data loss by enabling Recovery vault. When Recovery Vault is enabled a background service is used to monitor that drive or partition activities. When a file is deleted, Disk Drill saves the metadata for the file into its database. This will help faster and easier restore of deleted files

More info

The Disk drill have three versions

Basic which is Free

Pro (unlimited, 1 user 3 PC) – $89

Enterprise (Unlimited users and installations) – $399


With free version you can recover a total of 100MB, but you can use it for testing how the application works before purchasing the PRO version.

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