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Ready Contacts + Dialer – Review and PRO version Giveaway

Ready Contacts Dialer – Review and Giveaway

So here comes our first Android App review and Giveaway, Ready Contacts + Dialer. This FREE application with material design  can improve you Android dialer and contact experience. It is easy to use and also integrates Phone call, Messaging, WhatsApp, Viber, Email, Calendar etc. so that you can easily choose the required action directly from the dialer/contacts. Before proceeding I must say that I am using this application as my default dialer and it is really cool, and you must try it.

One of the most interesting feature of this application is that when phone starts ringing it will display the recent things related to the user such as Email, Text messages, recent calls etc.

Ready recent history while ringingg

Call bubble will notify you about the missed calls or messages and also it will list the history. You can select a contact and choose actions such as Call, Text, message using WhatsApp, Viber, Hangout or Calendar to create a reminder.

Call Bubble notifications Call bubble

The horizontal scrolling contact list have some easy to access and fancy features.

Horizondal scrolling contact list contact list action

if you press and hold the letters it will show a circle which you can rotate to scroll through the contacts

 contact list fancy scrolling

Speed Dial shows your favorite contacts and also the most recent contacts.

Ready Favorite contacts

The Menu button shows all the actions, you can choose you can call, send message using WhatsApp, Viber or message application.

ready actions

If you have bought PRO version you will be able to remove the advertisement on the favorite contact list and also get the following features

Themes and colors, you can customize the look and feel using the custom themes


Predictive T9 dialer, you can easily find a contact on dialer by searching with Company, Email, Nick name etc.

dialer theme

Ringtones,  Ready Contacts + Dialer have some cool ringtones which you can set directly from the application.

Free Ringtones for Ready Contacts   Dialer  PRO users

Watch the below video for better idea of how it will work

You can get the Paid PRO features of Ready Contacts + Dialer by sharing the application with your friends and others. For that you can send them a specific URl, or they will have to use your referral code.

Get the Ready Contacts + Dialer

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Ready Contacts + Dialer Giveaway

Thank you.