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Quote of the Day - Random image- random quote

As I said earlier here is code for the Image creation like the picture is showing below the header with quote, IP, Browser, OS . This is using a XML file which is used the Quote of the day widget.  Check Quote of the Day also.

if you are going to use this in some other site then Remove the  using BlogEngine.Core; from the .cs file.  I have included an example XML file to help those who are using it in some other site. Don't forget to change the path of the XML file if it is different, Now it is for the

Copy the files to a folder and just write <img src="image.aspx"> thats all. This will display random image and random quote on each refresh.

The code may not be good, you are free to edit it. No copyright issues ;)

Comment on this post if you have any doubts regarding this.

QuoteoftheDay (982.43 kb)