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Quote Of The Day Widget for BlogEngine.NET


Nyveldt created one widget for blogging plat form. I just added it to my site (you can see it on the top right part of the blog).

If you want to add it to your blog, do the following in a simple way.

1. Nyveldt's Blog download the code from the page (at the end of the post there is a download link).

2. Extract it to the root directory of the blog.

3. Download the current themes site.Master page from your blog site.

4. Add the following line to the top of the theme page (Site.master) <%@ Register Src="~/QuoteOfTheDay.ascx" TagName="quote" TagPrefix="ucquote" %>

5. Add the following lines to the place, where you want to display the quote the theme page (Site.master), you can chage the "Quote Of The Day" to the word what ever you need (like "Wise words" etc).

<h1>Quote Of The Day:</h1>
<ucquote:quote ID="MenuQuote" runat="server" />

6. Replace the Site.Master page in the theme folder . (Keep a backup before you replace).

That's All.