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QuantumZERO Top gear QC3.0 Car Charger QZ CC04

The mobile is now a part of our life but a problem we face every day is battery discharged!

There are many way to charge your mobile, using mobile charger, power bank, or if you are in car then everyone think you can take call, but they don’t know battery could discharge at the serious moment.

Today we have a product for you mobile charging in car I think mostly people know this name car charger.
The product which is going to review today is “QuantumZERO Top gear QC3.0 Car Charger QZ CC04”




The built quality is good especially it steel part I like it, its shine and cutting edges gives
little flash which make it more stylish.

What about it feature and other things?

This charger can charge your mobile phone quickly. Now days mostly mobiles have quick charge feature with 2.0 and it has 3.0 USB which help you to charge more quickly.


1. I don’t have multiple fast charging mobiles so couldn’t test it at the same but I am sure you can charge it because it is 18w device.

2. I have Iphone 6s Plus which doesn’t support quick charge, it can easily charge my Iphone.

3. If we are talking about it price then I would like to say, if they give one more port so It will very nice Product, but it still good product but not best.

Note: I can’t say about some mobiles like Oneplus 3t because DASH charge support only with its oneplus car charger and its primary charger which come with box.


Built quality : Good
Quick charge work : Yes.
Warranty : Yes: 1.5 year (18 months).

Multiple colors while purchasing: NO.
Price  Rs. 685 is fair ? : NO, If it comes in Rs.500 then very good.


The device is nice and good for fast charging mobile user, in this price this device is fit.
I would like to give it 4 stars.
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