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QuantumZERO™ QZ-HB07 USB 3.0 7-Port Aluminum Hub.

The product feels premium with the full aluminum body, and it looks shiny. It works with all versions of Windows and Mac (9.1+) and Linux 3.0+. The power cable which it comes with is 15W, so you can use the USB hub as your mobile charging point.

When you connect it with your laptop, you don’t have to plug the charger with it.

I tested it with my 3.0 USB port and transferred 4GB files on my laptop, and the speed was good (You can see it in the images).

USB Hubs are not meant for speed, but if you have a SSD, or external HDD with a good transfer rate, it’ll not disappoint you.


Data transfer rate up to 5 Gbps.

ASM1074L chipset with latest firmware.

Backward compatible with USB 2.0/1.1.

No drivers required, just plug & play.

USB over-current protection up to 900 mA per port

LED light indicates power status and USB working status.

Outer body

The outer body looks very nice and premium, but it dropped accidently and is slightly damaged in corner, not strong as I assume.

USB 3.0 Ports

Each port are capable to handle full speed of 3.0 mean 5Gbps. Data transfer rate up to 5 Gbps (640MBps) (actual rate depends on device and computer USB host controller), as well as support 2 and 1 .1port The port quality is good as I saw in images, but sometimes I feel plugin problems, my USBs are not detected with this USB hub, without USB hub pen drive worked fine, but not always.


This is not as much good as I thought, even quality is just OK. I thought that length will be good, but it disappointed me as its only 1.3 ft. I couldn’t use this with my desktop, but with laptop it’s enough.


No driver required to use it, just plug & use it.

USB over-current protection up to 900 mA per port (limited to maximum USB bus power available from host computer)

A charger comes with this hub for supplying power which helps you to work without interrupting your work while transferring data.

This USB hub can be used as a USB hub cum mobile charging point, without connecting your desktop & laptop, because it has a 15watt charger which is enough to charge my mobile.





Premium Built quality.
Multi-purpose as a USB hub & charging point.
Mid weight.


Not good for desktop as short cable length.
No color choosing option.


As my experience this product is good for long term use, premium built quality, easy to carry in your laptop bags, but this is bit expensive it they reduce the price then it will good for marketing competition.

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