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Projection Bluetooth Keyboard For iOS and Android

Projection Bluetooth Keyboard For iOS and Android

GeekStuff4U is taking pre-order for Projection Bluetooth Keyboard For iOS and Android, which I have only seen as images is coming to true. This will have an equipment which will project the keyboard on any surface and communicate with mobile devices using Bluetooth.

Projection Bluetooth Keyboard

Elecom, Japan's premier computer peripherals company, is selling these laser projection keyboards for your smartphone - and if it's coming from Elecom, it's bound to be a good product! Small and compact to carry (no keyboard in your bag!), it connects to your phone or computer via Bluetooth 2.0, and works on any flat, reflective surface you can find. The keyboard has a comfortable 19mm keypitch, and it can detect up to 350 key presses a minute. The brightness of the laser keyboard and the detection sensitivity can be adjusted in three levels, and if your device supports it (sorry iOS users), the touchpad mode gives you control over the pointer on your device's screen. Perfect for extended typing when you're out and about!

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You can read more and Pre-order the device for $347.20 from here