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Printed Wikipedia and Wikipedia Book creator

Wikipedia Book creator

Wikipedia is the most famous online encyclopedia which is founded by Jimmy Wales, with Larry Sanger. The content of this website is written by the huge number of users of the website. Anyone using internet connection can edit a content, even users can provide contents anonymously.

Wikipedia Book creator helps you to create a collection of articles and download them as e-book in different formats such as PDF , ODf etc., or can order it as a printed book.

To use this feature visit the Book Creator Page and click “Start book creator”

Start Wikipedia Book creator

After that you can browse Wikipedia and you will see a “Add this page to your book” link on the top of every article which you can use to add a specific page to your collection

Add this page to your wikipedia book

After you added all the required articles, you can click “Show book” which will display the details of the contents you have added to it.Wikipedia Printed Book

You can add Title, Sub title, paper size, number of columns per page etc. on the same page.

Click “Download as PDF” button if you want a soft copy and if you want a printed book, you can order it using PediaPress. (To India it shows around $5.00 as shipping charge).

Print_Wikipedia_Wikipedia Book creator

If you want a printed Wikipedia, you can now get it from Lulu. This effort is from Denny Gallery. So far 3043 volumes are available on Lulu, it seems every two or three minutes a volume is getting uploaded. When ever a new volume is uploaded you can get update on this twitter profile.

Each volume will have 700 pages and costs you $80.00. It is expected that total number of volumes will be around 7500.