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Flappy Bird lives on with clones, here is a web version to play

A few weeks ago, Flappy Bird, the game which ruled the appstores for a month, was taken down by its Vietnamese developer,Dong Nguyen.

Play Flappy Bird Online

The developer claimed it attracted too much attention, and disturbed his life, and the fledgling game which tasted Global fame came to an end.

But it did not stop fans and developers. as the appstores began to be flooded with clones of Flappy Bird. In fact, there were so many games and apps named after it, that Apple and Google decided to ban any app with the word “Flappy” in its title.

So, the developers began to come up with similar sounding names. Popular clones include Flying Cyrus, Splash Fish, etc.

One particular website that looks like an exact clone of the game, playable on a browser. You just have to tap the left-click button on your mouse to make the bird fly.

Just visit on your browser and play. That’s it, no registration or downloads required.

Here is my high score. An incredible 4.

Flappy Bird Online

Flap! Flap!

via: I Love Free Software