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Pick the best 2G/3G plan from various mobile service providers (India only)


It has become quiet a complex thing to select a suitable mobile plan for 2G/3G among various service providers in India. There are numerous mobile operators and various plans for each of them -some may be appropriate for voice calls, some for SMS, data usage etc. But now you can leave all such confusions behind and select your favourite plan using 3gsimplified.

3gsimplified is a web service from Cheenilabs which helps in selecting a mobile/data plan according to your needs through a simple user interface.

You can enter the details of your needs and search. It will list the results in the order of best plans. The results page also has a user friendly interface in which you can filter the results according to operator, connection type, plan type and price range.

3gsimplified has an equivalent interface for comparing datacards. It has a similar interface too. Besides these, there is a section to browse through different service providers' plans in various states in India.

You can get started here.