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Photo Sphere Camera for iOS from Google

Photo Sphere Camera for iOS from Google

Google Photo Sphere Camera is came first on the Nexus 4 device as the default camera application. Later Google decided to make it available on the other Android devices running Android Kitkat 4.4 or higher as Google camera. You can get it from here if you arte running an android device.

Now the Google released the application for the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. The application will run on the devices with iOS 7.0 or later excluding the iPhone 4.

Create beautiful 360º images, and publish them to Google Maps. Photo spheres empower you to look up, down, and all around to revisit the amazing places you’ve encountered — and share them with anyone. Note: the iPhone 4 cannot create photo spheres.

Photo Sphere Camera application will help you to capture 360 degree panorama pictures easily.  It also can share the photos you clicked with your friends on Google Plus, Twitter Facebook etc.

Photo Sphere Camera for iOS

Photo Sphere Camera for iOS 1

Photo Sphere Camera for iOS2

Photo Sphere Camera for iOS 3

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