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Philips Hue–a Smart bulb

Philips Hue–a Smart bulb

Philips launched a bulb named Philips Hue. This is a smart bulb which you can control from your smart phone.

Watch this video below to know more about the hue.

This product is having a lot of features. What you will have to do is install the App for managing this bulb.

Change color of light

Automatic Switching based on your location



They also claim that

Change your light's color to let you know when it's raining outside

Blink your lights when your favorite sports team starts a new game

Randomly change your light's color with a text message

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You need to have a wireless router and to connect the hue bridge (which connects the bulb with the app). it can handle 50 bulbs.

manage Hue from web browser

You can manage the light from your Hue Account via any web browser using the hue website too, what you will need is to have a username and password and connect it with your home wifi network.