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Paradox Interactive rolls back prices of its games to their previous regional prices as promised

Paradox Interactive is one of my favorite game publishers. The company makes and sells some of the best strategy games, which is my favorite genre, on Steam.

Paradox Interactive Regional Prices Back

But I wasn't going to be a fanboy, while the company made some irrational changes. A month ago, Paradox went nuts and increased the prices of its games, in many Countries.

And in some regions, like India, the price of the games were doubled. This resulted in games being more expensive than their original prices, even when they were discounted during the Steam Summer Sale.

Users lashed out at the company, and bombarded Paradox's best games with negative reviews on Steam. Their feedback didn't fall on deaf ears, and Paradox's CEO Fredrik Wester announced that the company listened to its users, and admitted the price hike was handled badly, and promised to roll back the prices of Paradox Interactive games to their previous states.

We can confirm that the same has been done, and the games are now available at their original regional prices.

Paradox Interactive Regional Prices

I am both relieved and pleased that the prices have been reverted. Now we only have to wait for a sale to pick up some of the more expensive ones.