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iPhone Applications for Free–Limited time

For a limited time you can get the following iPhone apps for free. Normally you will have to pay for these applications.

1. Matter ($1.99) – Add 3D effects and shadows to your photos.

Grab Matter iOS app for Free

Make your edits even more realistic by adding and adjusting the model’s shadow. Fine-tune the shadow's position, opacity, and strength. Use the built-in masking tools to erase portions of your model or shadow to seamlessly blend it into your photo's environment.

iTunes link

2.Gearizer - Gear Organizer App ($2.99) -

Gearizer  grab it for free

Gearizer is a slick new gear organizer. Our super simple app makes it incredibly easy and fun to keep track of all your gear and equipment. You can use Gearizer to manage everything from your everyday carry, photography setups, sports and fitness equipment and much more. It’s the perfect app for gear enthusiasts and people who like to keep on top of their gear.

Get it from here

3. GoScholar for Google Scholar App: Journal Article Search + Download Papers to Academic Research Library ($4.99)


GoScholar brings an agile mobile app for researchers, teachers and students to do research on the go with Google Scholar. GoScholar's design offers the most efficient tool ever on your iPad and iPhone.

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4. Streamy Reader for Buzzfeed & Google News: Personal News Headlines and Categories ($4.99)

streamy News

Streamy News aggregates hottest stories locally and world wide to offer superlative experiences of reading news on mobile. Customizing sections, Reader and Real time Coverage and Search are leading features of Streamy News.


5. GeoLock - Password & Location Manager ($2.99)


If you have passwords that you use at work and you can't risk exposing them by accident, this app will ensure that your iPhone is at the proper location before allowing the GeoLocked passwords to be accessed. You must have either the iPhone + Location or the iPhone + Apple Watch to access the GeoLocked records. Easy two step authentication.


6. Photo Camera FX 360 - picture and photo effects & filters ($1.99)

Photo Camera FX 360

Photo Camera FX 360 provides rich filter effects beloved by professional photographers, all conveniently packed in 10 different themes. Photo Camera FX 360 themes vary from the feel of film camera to the unique sets of classy moods or fun creativity, It's time to make things look different!

Get this app for free from here

7. Passiontrack ($1.99) – Track your habits and routines using this application – Download

8. Tuner T1 ($1.99) - Tune any musical instrument (guitar, violin, viola, bass, piano, cello, flute and many more) – download

9. StackDo  ($1.99) – Simple to-do and doing list application – Download

10 – Relaxia ($2.99) – /Relaxia is the most personalized sleep and relaxation experience that you can possibly have. more than one million users are using this app. Download

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