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PHP Debugging Tool Eclipse PDT Configuration

How to configure Xampp + Eclipse PDT  (PHP development Tool) + XDebug


1. Download Xampp from here and install it (If you don’t have this)

2. Download (You will need to have JRE download link is there on the same page)

3. Installation: Unzip it to the desired location, and run the executable Eclipse file located in it. This installation includes all you need to have as part of the package, including Eclipse Platform, WTP (Web Tools Project) and more.

4. Download php_xdebug.dll and copy it to Xampp-path/php/extenstions (Xampp-path is the folder which you installed the Xampp like C:\Xampp)

5. open xampp_path\apache\bin\php.ini in text editor

6. Comment complete lines of Zend (look for [Zend] )

7. Uncomment complete lines of Xdebug ( [XDebug] , just below the [Zend] configurations, leave ;; Only Zend OR (!) XDebug)

8. Save php.ini

9. Restart Appache if it is running.

To Debug Eclipse PDT

open Eclipse PDT, Menu=>Help =>Help Contents=>PDT User Guide => Getting Started => Basic Tutorials => Working with the Debugger, this will show you how to configure the debugger (Choose Xdebug on Server Debugger)