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PDF to Excel - free utility


PDF To Excel Converter is a free tool which can convert PDF files to Excel. This supportsFull PDF document conversion and  batch conversion.

Editable - Edit Your PDF Forms In MS Excel!

Easily - Convert PDF To Excel Document Just In Only 3 Clicks.

Fast - New PDF To Excel Converter conversion engine, 160% faster than other Converter.

Page Range - Convert Selected Pages of PDF document To Excel format.

Batch Mode - Convert HUNDREDS of PDF Files to Excel XLS at One Time.

PDF to Excel Converter 2.0 requires Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2003, 2000, or ME.

Read more and download today introduces PDF To Excel Converter 2.0, an easy to use and free application that lets users convert PDF documents to Excel (XLS). The new utility incorporates a powerful engine which produces the most accurate XLS documents 160% faster than any other competing software.

Office workers often have to move data from a PDF document to Excel to make it editable. Copying and pasting figures from a large document is a time-consuming and complex process that many users wish they could avoid. Besides, some authors do not make it easy for movers. In the spirit of making sure their PDF document is not copied, they disable copying, or protect a file with a password. To avoid these hassles, users can take advantage of PDF To Excel Converter that can help to move data to the XLS format quickly and automatically.

Running PDF To Excel Converter displays an easy to use wizard to begin the conversion. To start, the user selects a file or a set of files to be converted. If the document consists of many pages, the user can select only a page range which is really necessary for converting. Finally, it is necessary to select a folder to save the results of the conversion. Clicking the "Start Converting Now" button starts the process. The program automatically parses a PDF document and ports its data to an Excel table as accurately as possible. The process is speedy in most cases. However the speed of the conversion depends on how many documents and pages are selected for conversion.

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