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PC doesn't boot up first time, second time booting up and works fine–How to Fix

PC doesn't boot up first time, second time booting up and works fine-FIX

Today I found an issue with my PC even though it was working fine till yesterday night. When I try to boot the computer it will show the motherboard logo and will not proceed to the Windows. But if I switch it off and turn it on again, it will work with out any issues. I had a search and found some issues

1.  Power Supply Unit – It was not the issue, my Power supply is Corsair VS Series VS550 - 550 Watt SMPS, which is a new one and working fine (tried to replace the SMPS too)

2. RAM – swapped with a spare RAM unit , problem still exists.

3. Motherboard – I use ASUS H87-PLUS motherboard, and I have not tried to replace it Smile with tongue out

What I did was, removed all the devices connected to the motherboard excluding keyboard (USB devices), and tested,  it was working fine. Later I changed BIOS settings to disabled USB devices while booting, that too worked fine. 

So here is my suggestions

1. Re-install USB drivers

2.  Check your BIOS and disable USB devices while booting.

For me, the BIOS have a feature of FAST booting, you can also try to switch to normal boot mode also.

If this article helped you, or if it does not please leave a comment which will be helpful for others.

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