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Oracle ends Java support for Windows XP

Oracle has officially ended supporting Java for Windows XP, and it will not receive the quarterly security updates scheduled for July 15.


The move comes after Microsoft ended support for the legendary Operating System earlier this year, on April 8th.

ZDNet reports that they contacted Oracle, and received a reply from Henrik Stahl, the VP Product Management at Java. Stahl said that the decision to end Java support for XP, as there are a few compatibility issues with version 8, and they are working to resolve them. He also said that users could continue to use version 7 on XP.

But, Morten Kjaersgaard the CEO of Danish IT security firm Heimdal Security, says that Java will not load on XP, after the updates are applied.

Oracle released a statement in an FAQ posted at their website.

It also says that users can still continue to use Java 7 on Windows XP at their own risk, and that Java 8 cannot be installed on systems running XP. Obviously this will be bad news for the users of the OS, as the existing vulnerabilities in Java would not be fixed, and more could be found in the future. This would increase the chances of PCs running Windows XP, getting infected by malware, as they continue to use older versions for browsing the internet, and downloading files.