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Opera startup window tweak

Default Opera Startup window


Old Values

-2061349988="Welcome to Opera"
1612275836="Continue from last time"
1460510403="Continue saved sessions"
-1760565253="Start with home page"
-82217585="Start without open tabs"

Edited Opera Startup window 


New Values

-2061349988="Welcome back Krishnan"
1612275836="Last time"
1460510403="Saved sessions"
-1760565253="Home page"
-82217585="No open tabs"

How to do this

1. Open Opera

2. open a tab, enter "opera:config#UserPrefs|LanguageFile" (with out quotes) and press enter

3. Check the content of Language Files Directory

4. Take a copy of that file (rename it to something like editedeng.lng or something like that)

4. Open that file in Notepad or any text editor

5. Search for the above values (-2061349988, 1612275836, 1460510403, -1760565253, -82217585) and changes the value to what you want

6. Save.

7. do the step 2 and 3

8. There will be a choose button right to "Language File" choose the new file using that.

9. Click Save button at the bottom

10. Restart the Opera and See ...

Tip is from Tamil's blog