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Opera advertisement - Hitler Finds Out About Opera 10.60


Hitler thinks that Chrome, his favorite browser, is the fastest. But he is about to discover that he is wrong, and his generals will experience his wrath!

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Hitler who is developing the chrome browser getting angry when he knows that Opera 10.60 beat chrome in speed and functionalities. And a word "I would  rather shoot a potato at my head" you may remember the potato speed test by chrome  and a mimic by  opera , You may watch it here Browser Speed test and Potatoes

This is a Hitler meme

“The Hitler Meme” or “Hitler finds out” is a video meme involving the addition of new subititles to the dramatic scene of Hitler’s final meltdown from the German movie Downfall directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The subtitles are often anachronistically altered with humerous English subtitles surrounding current events.

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