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Opera Max - Data management, Now available in India

Boost Wi-Fi data

You might have heard of the Opera browser, Opera Mini from the Opera Software ASA. Opera Max is a FREE application for your Android devices which can save your data. This application can save not only your mobile data plan but also the Wi-Fi plans. Earlier opera introduced such feature in opera mini, but this application will make that feature available for all applications on your device.

Opera Max - Data management Now available in India

This application can compress images, videos and other resources from websites and can save up to 50% of data and thus improve the browsing speed. It can compress a video of 10MB to 3MB (conditions apply).

One another interesting feature of this is that it can block and prevent data leakage, it can stop data usage of applications which are using your data plan with out your knowledge.

Block apps from data

This application is now available for the users of India and Bangladesh.

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