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Opera 11 Release today

Opera 11 Release today[6]

Opera announced that they will launch the opera 11 today. Opera 11 have some cool features like Extensions and Tab stacking.



Extensions allow you to add new functionality to Opera easily.

Tab stacking helps you keep your tabs organized.

Pinned tabs now take up less space and are neatly grouped to the left of your tabs.

Visual mouse gestures help you learn how to control Opera with mouse movements.

An enhanced address field makes it easy to stay safe on the Web.

Mail panel upgrades give you greater control over your email in Opera.

Search predictions from Google harness the power of Opera's integrated search.

A new bookmarks bar gives you easy access to your bookmarks and replaces the personal bar.

Speed improvements bring Opera ahead of other browsers in many benchmarks.

HTML5 server-sent events and Web Sockets enhance Opera's support for new web standards.

Auto-update now makes sure you have the latest extensions and Opera Unite apps.

You can now set plug-ins to load only on demand to significantly speed up browsing.

Opera's installer is smaller and streamlined for a faster, easier installation.

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Opera 11 Release today

I just saw that before Opera 11 launched Google ads is showing ads for opera 11