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Open DNS

Open Dns is DNS Service, which any one can access.  You can change your DNS address to their DNS address. they are and They are saying that it is faster, but when I checked it Open DNS took 1.89ms to resolve and my DNS server take only 0.83ms. But still there is a lot of features to use from the Open DNS.

  • Content Filtering
  • Phishing Protection
  • Domain Blocking
  • Adult Site Blocking
  • Web Proxy Blocking
  • Domain Whitelisting
  • Customization
  • Typo Correction
  • Shortcuts
  • Large DNS Cache
  • Ultra-Reliable Network
  • Free technical support

these are the features they offer. You can find the features here in their website.

You may have to create an account to get the full functionality. Also this site will give detailed instruction how to change the DNS here

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