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Online spell check revolution for websites with Spellr is a web-based application that checks an entire website and reports the user about the spelling errors. It provides simple error reports with suggestions and screenshots. The spell check can also be performed at fixed intervals.

If you think that what is the need of a new spell check application since there are inbuilt spell check options in Word, html editors, content management systems etc, the creators of spellr have answer. Direct editing of content in a content management system, multiple website contributors, websites built and managed by non-native speakers, third party content, errors in title tags, menu items and other text elements can cause errors which cannot be remedied by the above specified applications.

The spellr application is designed with extreme simplicity. The user can type the desired url to a textfield and click 'CHECK' button. Then the spellr will review the website and check all content for spelling errors.

The progress of spell checking is indicated in percentage. During the process, the user need not have to waste time by waiting for the result. They can read some interesting general facts related to languages which appears as time killers near the progress bar.

The result is displayed in the same window as soon after the spell checking process is finishd.

The application checks the first hundred pages without registration. You need to sign up for a free trial account for checking more pages. The spellr have also some monthly plans and prepaid plans too. So try using spellr to become a hero in your office!

You can find the website and more details here.