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OnePlus One to be launched soon in India

I recently learnt about OnePlus One phones and also about its invitation system to purchase its devices. I also heard rumours that OnePlus maybe launched soon in India. When I checked the phone out, it had some interesting specifications and from that time I was closely following any update regarding their launch in India as I needed a device for my mother as well. I was keeping close tabs on their forums and found a post which will make you happy if you are a OnePlus One fan.


Yes the post is about the OnePlus One launch in India and the company has confirmed it.

Over the past months, we've seen tremendous interest from India, despite not having launched there. We have many customers in India purchasing to the US, and then asking a friend to bring it over or trans-shipping it. Some have even purchased the device from scalpers. Looking at our traffic, India ranks number 8, outweighing many of our launch countries.
It's safe to say that we're interested in India. Being such a young company, we also know that India is a huge challenge. We're all about creating a great user experience from end to end. We understand that there are lots to learn, consider and set up before we can officially launch in this vast country.
What we could have done was keep everything quiet, and then surprise you guys further down the line when everything was ready. We then thought, why not do it together with our Indian fans? In the end, our success or failure will depend on how well we manage to please our fans. So why not start building this relationship right now?
We've heard your calls, and have been listening. So let's try something new and do this together. We'll be as transparent as possible and keep you posted about our progress, and would love your input while working towards this goal.
It will neither be fast or easy, but I'm sure it will be an amazing ride. Talk soon!


This post was made by Carl the admin of the forum and pretty much confirms the arrival of OnePlus devices in India. I think the demand for invites is gonna exponentially spike up now as many of us are waiting for this device.

The device comes with  a 5.5” IPS display with a Snapdragon 801 Quadcore 2.3GHZ processor and 3GB of RAM. It also comes with a 13MP rear camera and comes in 16GB and 64GB models. It supports NFC and 4G LTE as well but that may depend if it will be included in the Indian edition or not. It also uses a custom version of CynogenMod 11 called CM 11S which is based on KitKat 4.4. The success of this device in India  as a flagship killer will depend on how it is priced. Currently the 16GB model sells at 249$ in the US which is approximately 16,000Rs in India, which seems a vey good price. Overall I am excited for this phone to arrive in India. But for once it wont be a flipkart exclusive and mostly will be up for direct ordering from the company.