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OnePlus One–Lollipop Oxygen OS

OnePlus One–Lollipop Oxygen OS

The much awaited Oxygen OS for OnePlus One is launched on 3 April, 2015. Oxygen OS is based on the Android Lollipop. OnePlus had issues with Cyanogen and Micromax in Indian Market, so they have decided to come up with their own operating system. The basic feature of the OS is it is simple, light weight and fast without any bloat wares.

To get a basic idea of other features this ROM have you can watch the video below

Features includes

Gestures which allows you to open application by gestures like double tap to wake the device, draw ’V’ to toggle flash light etc. These gestures works even the screen is off.

Quick settings – The new quick settings allows you to access the settings which you use commonly easily. The icons can be arranged easily as per your convenience.

Customization – you can easily control the phone with hardware or software navigations keys, the lock screen is customizable.

OnePlus also developed a feedback application which you may or may not install. This application helps OnePlus to get your comments and feedbacks on the new OS and optimize it accordingly.


If you have already unlocked the boot loader and have TWRP is is easy to have the Oxygen OS. Otherwise you will have to unlock the bootloader and flash TWRP.

unlocking bootloader will wipe all the files from your phone (it is NOT like a factory reset). It will remove backups, photos etc. So make sure you move all the anted files from phone to some other devices.

You can find installation instructions from OnePlus forum here.

Before installation we would like to tell you that this have some known issues such as

Red Light is Always On

Instances of Unable to Activate Hotspot

Carrier Showing No Service

Instances of Unable to Access Mobile Data

Instances of Ghost Touches

When printing images, printer service may stop

Cannot hang up a call using headphone controls (intermittent)

OTG can only recognize FAT32 file system

During system update, display of Wi-Fi/data notification may be incorrect

During system update, display of version number may be incorrect

Files sometimes crash when uploading files to the cloud

Files may crash when renaming image files

Files does not support multi-select deletes

System Update Service Bug

Instances of Slow WiFi Speeds

Instances of Unable To Download from Play Store

Bug Where Unable to Match Lock Screen to Home screen

Ghost Touches on Keyboard

No Reception Bug on Lock screen

Instances of Shorter Battery Life

You need to read this post on the forum first before you proceed to install. It says there are missing features also like

No Privacy Guard

No Led Customization

No Equalizer

No Weather App

No 4k UHD or DCI Video Recording

No Double Tap to Sleep

No Display Color Setting

No Performance Option

No Face Unlock

No Hebrew Language Option

So decide whether you need it or not. according to me it will be better to wait till next update is released. The updates will be released as OTA , so it will be easy to upgrade the OS.