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OnePlus One CM12s OTA update to fix touchscreen issues

OnePlus OTA update to fix touchscreen issues

Good news for OnePlus One users. A new incremental update is available to the official CM12s . Oneplus earlier released aYNG1TAS0YL and  YNG1TAS17L, later with adding Ok OnePlus feature.

The latest firmware update to OnePlus is YNG1TAS2I3, which will have fixes for touch screen issues, Bluetooth connectivity and MMS sending on several carriers issues. This update will be rolled out to 5% of the users and after confirming it is working fine, it will be available for all users.

If you are interested in getting the latest build you can download it and flash it on your phone.

If you are running YNG1TAS17L you can download an update which is just 20MB in size and flash it – Download the incremental update from Cyanogen website for CM12s from this link. Otherwise you can download the firmware which is 566MB and flash it on your OnePlus One.

OPO updated

I have updated and the touch screen sensitivity is much much better than the previous released firmware.  So I prefer you update your firmware if you are having the touch screen sensitivity issue.

OnePlus also confirms that CM 12.1 (which is based on Android 5.1) will be available for the device soon. Read more