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OnePlus One Bamboo Style Swap cover will be available on India today

OnePlus One Bamboo Style Swap cover will be available on India today

The most awaited by the OnePlus One owners from India, the Bamboo style Swap cover will be available from today (29 May, 2015). The Cover price will be INR 1,499 for a limited time says the official OnePlus India blog. The original Price of the cover is INR 3000.

While the actual cost of the accessory is ₹ 3,000, the OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Cover will be available on the Amazon India Store starting today from 2 PM for a special price of ₹ 1,499 only to our fans and customers in India.

The cover is damp-proof, flame retardant and resists scratches. This Bamboo styled swap cover will be a unique accessory for your phone which will keep it stylish and will give a nature friendly look.

The OnePlus One Bamboo Style Swap Cover are sourced from natural “Nan” bamboos that are matured for a minimum period of 5 – 6 years and are extremely difficult to produce. These bamboos are highly valued and distinguish themselves by the clear lines and patterns they generate as a finished product. The entire production time involves 21 days and 28 different procedures which include drying, carbonizing, polishing and laser cut finishing to finally carve it into place.

The Amazon link shown on the OnePlus India Blog is showing a 404 error, we hope it will be activated soon. Read More

Update: The time changed to 3.00 PM