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Office Remote - Manage Word, PowerPoint and Excel from your Android or Windows Phone device

Office Remote - Android or Windows Phone

Office Remote is an application developed by Microsoft which will allow to control your Office products from your Android devices or Windows Phone. This application can manage PowerPoint, Excel and word. This application will be using Bluetooth so your PC should support Bluetooth connectivity. The activities supported by this are


View current slide and laser point using touch on your phone

Next slide preview

Play and pause embedded audio and video files

View slide thumbnails and jump to a slide

View speaker notes on your phone

View presentation timer and slide numbers


Change worksheets by swiping

Use Slicers, PivotTable, and Filters

Jump to any named object in your workbook

Move up or down the worksheet

Change the zoom level


Jump to headings

Jump to comments

Screen up/down

Line up/down

Change the zoom level

Earlier the application was available only on Windows phone but now Microsoft released it on the Android play store too. To use this you will have to install Microsoft Office Remote PC  which you can download from here. After that get application for your phone.

Office Remote – Windows Phone store , Android Play store

System requirements

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

Windows Phone 8 or higher OR Android 4.0.3 or higher

Microsoft Office 2013 (Office 2013 RT is not supported)

Bluetooth on your PC

Office remote will be a handy tool to manage your presentations as you can use it as a remote control.