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Nokia and Maps

Are you using a high end Nokia phone ?  you can use Nokia Maps which will help you to find ways to your destination.

So here it goes

1. If your phone have an inbuilt Nokia maps, update its firmware if needed. Otherwise go to choose your model and download the file If your mobile phone does not have it installed.

2. Download Nokia Map Loader from the above page

3. Connect you phone using Data cable, Choose Mass storage as the connection mode (it will take the phone to offline mode)

4. Run Nokia Map Loader From the list of Continents choose yours, and then Country, choose the “+” Sign at the right side

5.  Click download, this will install the maps to the mobile

If you do not use this all these data will be loaded using your phone’s Internet connection, that will be more costly than this.

You can also download the voices also

Now you can disconnect the cable and take the mobile to Online mode (It will goes automatically)

Open maps and check, For navigation, GPS you will have to purchase license, if you decide to purchase, the option is there in the maps application itself.