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Nokia Emulator is a new “How To” site for Windows Phone

Nokia has launched a website which will guide users, on how to use a Windows Phone.

Nokia Emulator - Microsoft Windows Phone

The website is called, Nokia Emulator, and has a series of videos which explains the different functions of the Windows Phone OS.

You can use the website to learn how to Personalize the home screen, use messaging, email, chat apps, play music and games, taking pictyres, searching for places, make calls, how to use Cortana, etc from the website.

If you have just received the Windows Phone 8.1 update, or have just bought a new Windows Phone, and have some questions about using the OS, you will find this emulator very useful.

Visit the Nokia Emulator website, to experience Windows Phone on your desktop.


Still hungry to see what Windows Phone 8.1 can do?

Here is a 2 minute video from a Vietnamese fan of the OS, which shows the features of  Windows Phone 8.1, on a Nokia Lumia 930.


The video is in Hanoi Vietnamese, but shows off the features of several apps including Microsoft OneNote, Miracast Wireless, Action Center, the new WordFlow keyboard, taking photos and sharing them and more.

The unique part is , he shows he uses the phone in his daily life.