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Free game from Microsoft - Microsoft Treasure Hunt

New game from Microsoft - Microsoft Treasure Hunt

Here is a new game for all Windows 8 users from Microsoft, Microsoft Treasure Hunt.

Are you a remember Minesweeper ? this game is something like that but with more features and animation.  Your aim is to get the treasure but will have to avoid all obstacles like animals, traps etc. You will have to get hidden bonuses and use them to break some obstacles to get gold. Using the Gold you can buy supplies and permanent upgrades.

The game Status will be saved to the could if you login and can play from anywhere .

You can right click to mark an obstacle and can avoid them

cMicrosoft Treasure Hunt obstacles marked

Using the gold you have purchase from the store

purchase from the store


Touch screen controls

Connect with your Xbox account

The game is really good, Read more and get this from Windows Store