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New expansions for Age of Mythology and Age of Empires 2

New expansion for Age of Mythology - Tale of the Dragon

Do you remember the game Age of Mythology which was released 13 years back ? The game got its expansion pack after one year of its release. Now after 12 years from the release of the expansion pack the game will be getting another expansion pack named “Tale of the Dragon”. 

13 years. It’s been 13 years since the release of Age of Mythology on PC. And 12 years since the release of its expansion pack: The Titans. But for great games like Age of Mythology, these years are merely a number. It’s time for a new expansion pack! With the collective experience and with expansions for the Age of Empires II series, Age of Mythology almost feels like the next logical step, although next time we probably shouldn’t wait over a decade before taking on the challenge

According the name this seems to be a Chinese mythology based one, it is a guess only, we must say we don’t know anything about the game. The game is under development , 50% is completed says the website.

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Age of empires II HD expansion the Forgotten

They also announced an expansion pack for the Age of empires II HD named the Forgotten

Welcome to Age of Empires II HD – The Forgotten; the first new official expansion for the Age of Empires II universe in over ten years. Challenge friends with five additional civilizations and technologies, battle through seven campaigns, vanquish opponents in new game modes on massive maps, or shoutcast a match and stream it all through

AOE II HD expansion The African Kingdoms

Expansion named “The African Kingdoms” for the AOE II HD is under development (website shows a 70% completion)

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