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New WhatsApp beta features

New whatsapp beta features

Have you heard about WhatsApp beta ? Read How to get WhatsApp beta versions. Beta versions will receive the test features first which will be available to the stable versions later. Here are the new features which is available on the beta versions only.

Formatting of messages : – You can now format your text messages by making text Bold, Italic or strike through.

To send a bold text add * in front of the text and also at the end, for example *Geekiest* – Result will be Geekiest

To make a text Italic add _ at the beginning and at the end (_Hello World_) -  which will show Hello World

For strikethrough the symbol is ~ (~Hello World~) – Hello World

You can also use the combination of these too like *~Hello World~* to get Hello World

Whatsapp text formatting

Remember if the user at the other end is not using a beta version the formatting will not be visible at their end.

Quick notification on Whatsapp

Another new feature  is quick reply, this will allow you to reply to a message from the notification itself. Click Reply on the notification to quick reply a message with out opening WhatsApp. The Quick reply will display the last message you received too even it is a picture message.

Quick reply from notification whatsapp

Quick reply shows last message on whatsapp