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New WhatsApp Features

New WhatsApp Features

The new upgraded version of WhatsApp is added few more features. These features will be available for the Android users first and soon will be available for the users of other platforms such as iOS, Windows etc.

Now the Camera application will have a front facing flash to take better selfie. When you take a selfie the screen will go white and the screen light will be used to provide better lighting and better output at low light situation. Double tapping will switch the front facing and rear camera.

WhatsApp  now allow you to edit a photo before sending. You can draw, add test or icons on the picture you are sending.


These feature was on the Google Allo.

WhatsApp now supports Gif’s. You can select the paperclip icon on the top and choose gallery. It will display a new tab named “GIFs”, select gifs from that and send.

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