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New Facebook Spam

Facebook Sex Spam

A new spam is spreading over the Facebook, which will display images on groups where you are a member. This will post a picture which will look like a video, but which is not a video actually. The link attached will take you to a new page where it will ask for Facebook permissions (claims for age verification), if you give the permission, it will post on your behalf.

With titles

[VIDEO] OMG she did this with her brother link in description

[VIDEO] OMG she did was forced to do this link in description

may have more

We need to give you just two advices regarding this

1. Don’t click on suspicious links

2. Don’t give permissions to untrusted applications

This is the only way to stay away from such spams

Now what if you already clicked on it

Inform the page/group admins that it is not you but a spam posted on your behalf.

Even that post is removed that application will still have the access to your profile, to remove that

Facebook privacy setings

Go to settings => Privacy Settings

facebook manage apps permissions

Select Apps

facebook remove app permissions

Remove the application permission by clicking the X

It will ask for confirmation, make sure you selected the “Delete all your APPNAME activity on Facebook”, which will remove all the posts by that app.

Remove all activity of an app from facebook