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Never Future, an RPG for Windows Phone is available for free until August 8

SneakyBox Studios’ role playing game, Never Future is temporarily free for Windows Phones.

Never Future

The game lets you play as a young archaeologist who finds a mysterious artifact. It teleports him to an unknown world, where he wanders and looks for a way to return home. You will have to gather, sort and recycle trash in exchange for powerful upgrades.

Never Future art


Beautiful game regions with lively and interesting characters in it.
Monster born from unsorted junk.
Over 50 different maps: deserts, dungeons, caves, labaratories, cities and oases.
3 different weapon types (Melee – Driller, Range – Sniper Rifle, Range – Granade launcher) with over 18 upgrades with diffrent attributes(lightning, fire, ice).
Upgradable armor and special abilities.

Official Trailer:

Never Future normally costs $1.99, but you can get it for free until August 8, from the Windows Phone Store.

The game is just about 40 MB in size, and works on devices running Windows Phone 7.5 and above.